Report: Security World 2015 at Ha Noi

We attended Security World 2015 on 25 March at Melia Hotel in Hanoi.

We would like to thank you all for taking your time to visit our booth and conference. It was a pleasure to meet you personally, giving us the great opportunity to share and exchange our thoughts and experiences with you all.

At the booth #1

We did the demo for PISO (Database Activity Monitoring Software) with its overview and how its real-time alert works.

At the conference: “A company won’t survive without database security.”

CEO of INISIGHT-TEC VINA CO., LTD, Miyuki Miyashita spoke about PISO that has No.1 Japanese market share in database audit tools for seven consecutive years including why we need to monitor database in real-time, typical case of the data breach, how to prevent data breach and trend of the database security products.

Thank you again for your interest in our product “PISO” and do not miss to contact us for any information or suggestion you need.