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NTT Plala, Tokyo, Japan, a leading company in the Japanese telecommunication industry, also known as a comprehensive media company and providers of Internet video-delivery services, manages about 2 million entries of member information. For a networking company such as NTT Plala, the threat of a possible data breach is growing. By using advanced security tools they are able to overcome such threats. This practical case study explains how Plala Networks managed their databases from the security breach threats.


Lack of Unified Access Log for Easy Analysis and Reporting

The company manages about 2 million of their member details in the Oracle Database, which is linked to other applications such as Subscription and Editing subscriber profile. The database monitoring systems which they were using already, recorded access logs for member activity such as use of web servers, applications, login and logout the database. But these details were recorded in different formats, hence it was difficult to use them for log analysis. Moreover, it was time consuming as the Network Administration Department staff had to analyze multiple logs. Plala Networks was in need of a security system that could control and monitor the access logs in a unified way for efficient data collection and data access managmement.


A Complete Security Auditing Tool

The company searched for a security tool that would meet the following requirements; With these expectations, the company compared the different security tools available in the market. A majority of the tools used the built-in auditing feature available in Oracle. This resulted in performance deterioration, as they were not able to handle large amounts of data transactions (10 million per day). Also they were not able to use important SQL statements for audit trails.


Record the whole SQL text
Minimum system performance overhead
Monitor access to critical database containing member information
Monitor access from a specific user account
Monitor access from a specific application
Monitor access during unusual hours
Monitor access to large amounts of data

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