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Efficient Database Access Control

Improve Data Security and Solve Audit Data Management Dilemma


“Until we installed PISO, we had no idea about our database activities. As a result, our access control system was ill-equipped for data security. However, PISO helps us to understand user activities such as Who accessed the data, What data was accessed, How many records were accessed, What SQL statement, When and Where. Now we have successfully and effectively improved access control to secure our systems.”


Improve Data Security for Regulatory Compliance

TOGIS had implemented a variety of security controls to ensure the compliance with regulatory requirements for the Protection Acton Personal Information and J-SOX. TOGIS attained ISO27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification in 2003. In 2004, TOGIS established the Special Security and Tactics Team. They strictly managed the people entering and leaving the rooms. They also restricted the terminal, machine and user access to sensitive data through ID management. However, they felt they needed more protection on data security for accountability. Consequently, TOGIC planned to protect database security privacy as well as financial data and to collect the database access information for accountability. So, in order to solve their data security challenges, they installed PISO for their data security infrastructure.

Target System

SOUNET: Pipeline Constructions Management System
Customer Safety System for Periodic Check
Internet Reception System for Online Payment & Others
Gas Device Sales Support System (SAP R/3)
Gas Agreement System for Business Use
Financial System (SAP R/3)
Personnel Inquiry System
Health Check System


Dilemma 1:
Performance Penalty for Database Auditing

Due to server integration as part of TOHO Gas Company’s IT strategy, several mission-critical database instances were running on the same machine. A significant requirement was that the security solution should not affect the server performance, which also affects other systems. Therefore, TOGIS thoroughly evaluated and compared different security products available in the market, including the Oracle build-in auditing feature, especially from the system overhead aspect. They found that PISO, a real-time database monitoring and auditing solution suited their requirements.

Dilemma 2:
Database Security Management and Evaluation

TOGIS implemented real-time database access monitoring for data security, and collected the detailed access logs. TOGIS decided to improve data security by analyzing the massive volume of database access logs. However, TOHO Gas Company’s systems generate millions of transactions per day, which dramatically increases complexity, time and cost for data security. To meet auditing and security compliance objectives, TOGIS needed to build additional systems to handle data management challenges, such as volume, analysis, retention and performance. Otherwise, analytical value from the database access logs would be lost. To solve the data management dilemma, TOGIS used PISO to provide pre-defined advanced auditing templates to efficiently analyze the massive volume of database access logs, and to effectively respond to security risks by monitoring such access and activities. As a result, PISO Forensic option enables TOGIS to address IT compliance and requirements effectively by solving the data management dilemma.

Dilemma 3:
Beyond Security: Efficiency of Application Performance Management

In addition, the more TOGIS used PISO, the more they discovered about PISO. TOGIS felt that PISO improves IT operations for efficient application tuning. For example, PISO empowered TOGIS to address the Computer Operation section of PACOB Auditing Standard No.2., especially system availability and service-level management. More specifically, PISO supported TOGIS to improve application tuning because PISO provided the details of database activity information. For example, PISO allowed TOGIS to identify unnecessary or resource-intensive SQL statements executed from the
application by analyzing the number of executions and the number of rows processed. Moreover, if an application program error occurred, PISO helped TOGIS to identify the problematic SQL statements to fix that program.

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