multi-dimentional analysis report & smart monitoring

Performance Insight works 24/7 as a virtual DBA.

What is Performance Insight?

Performance Insight is an operation management tool that delivers stable operation to databases. It provides well-developed features such as ‘Oracle performance management’, ‘Failure monitoring’, ‘Performance tuning’ and more. Performance Insight has been installed over 10,000 times for enterprises all over the world since 1995.

  • Multi-dimentional performance analysis report
  • Provide tuning know-how
  • Automatically set monitoring threshold
  • Supports all Oracle Edition(EE, SE, SEone)

Identify Bottlenecks Immediately

Database administrators need a high level view of all available resources; how those components are utilized in order to identify the root causes of performance degradation. However, identifying the various sources of degradation and performance issues can be a complex and time-consuming effort. Performance Insight automatically generates Kaizen Reports by collected statistically analyzed data. The report creates a complete overview of an individual server covering the following categories: CPU/Memory, SQL, Environment, Disk, SGA, and Space.

Identified problems are prioritized in the order of the severity, which are further categorized to a radar chart for easy analysis. The hexagon charts enable administrators to identify the cause of problems objectively and intuitively. A database administrator can also drill down to detail including historical analysis of each resource, and receive recommendations how to optimize performance.

Optimize database, application performance, and hardware

Performance Insight is designed to monitor, report, analyze, and recommend optimal solutions for managing your database systems, applications, and networks. With low overhead and enhanced GUI, Performance Insight is a cost effective and productive tool for all database administrators.

In addition, by studying the environment status of monitoring database, it has the feature to automatically setup an optimal threshold. Therefore, it is possible to detect bottlenecks beforehand, and gives opportunities to optimize application performances and hardware resources.

System Requirements

Operating System
Windows Server: 2008 or higher (32 & 64bit)
Redhat Linux: 6.0 or higher (32 & 64bit)
Oracle Enterprise Linux: 6.0 or higher (32 & 64bit)
Unix: HP-UX; AIX; Solaris; Open Solaris (x86-64)

Oracle 10gR2 – 12c (Oracle EE, SE, SEone)
32bit / 64bit

Disk Space
Small-Mid Transactions Environment: Initial(400MB/instance), Monthly(10MB/month)
Large Transactions Environment: Initial (400MB/instance), Monthly (20MB/month)

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