the simplest way to analyze queries

Visualize SQL performance in real-time. Drill down into plans, sessions information and wait-events.

What is Realtime SQL Visualizer?

Real-time SQL Visualizer is a query analyzer to help DBA’s daily work. With Real-time SQL Visualizer, DBAs can start analyzing queries from any devices (laptops, tablets or even smartphones), anytime without logs into database servers. It visuailzes SQL performances in real-time on the screen and drill down into each query. Then it provides SQL performance information such as plans, session information, wait-events that DBAs always need.

  • Capture SQL information and Visualize with dots
  • Capture 4,320 SQLs per day based on SQL performance information
  • Drill down into SQL plans and wait-events
  • Monitor SQL performance in real-time
  • Supports all Oracle Editions(EE, SE, SEone)

Direct SGA Access Technology

zero performance impact, capture SQL in realtime.

Direct SGA Access Technology (DMA) is an innovative logging technology. In general, when many SQL performance information is captured in realtime, it causes performance degradation. Our logging agent with Direct SGA Access Technology will capture SQL information from Oracle SGA area with zero performance impact.

  • Capture SQL information directly from Oracle SGA
  • Collect SQL texts, plans and wait-events in real-time
  • Zero performance impacts
  • Supports Oracle 10gR2 to 12c

System Requirements

Operating System
Windows Server:2008 or higher (32 & 64bit)
Redhat Linux: 6.0 or higher (32 & 64bit)
Oracle Enterprise Linux: 6.0 or higher (32 & 64bit)
Unix: HP-UX; AIX; Solaris; Open Solaris (x86-64)

Oracle 10gR2 – 12c (Oracle EE, SE, SEone)
32bit / 64bit

Disk Space
Small-Mid Transactions Environment:Initial(400MB/instance), Monthly(10MB/month)
Large Transactions Environment:Initial (400MB/instance), Monthly (20MB/month)

30 days Trial

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