secure your data with access control & data encryption

Column based Access Control and Data Encryption will protect your data with low perforamnce impact.

What is PISO EO ?

PISO EO is the column based data access control and encryption solution for protecting sensitive data such as credit card number, health records, customer information, or financial records. And it provides simple GUI to manage policies.

  • Encryption by column
  • Access control of encrypted columns
  • Zero Downtime Implementation
  • No performance degradation
  • Supports Index search
  • Centralized encryption key manegement and policy management
  • Separation of duties for PCI DSS compliance
  • Supports Any Oracle Edition


PCI DSS Compliance

If you have credit card number in your database, then you need it.


System Requirements

Monitoring Server (PISO EO Target)

Supported Operating System
Hewlett-Packard HP-UX
Oracle Solaris
Microsoft Windows Server
Red Hat Linux/Oracle Linux

Supported Database

Central Management Server

Supported Operating System
Red Hat Linux/Oracle Linux
Microsoft Windows Server

Xeon 3GHz CPU × 2

4GB +

Disk Space
Software Installation: 10GB
Stored Log: 22GB/months/instance