secure your data with database activity monitoring

PISO has been installed over 3,500 databases to secure critical data.

What is PISO?

PISO is a database activity monitoring tool for preventing Data Breach, and correspond to Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), HIPAA, DISA, PCI DSS and more. PISO provides real-time data access monitoring and auditing features to meet customer’s compliance requirements.

  • Collect all access logs with minimum impact on database servers. All access logs to your critical data is collected by the direct SGA access.
  • PISO monitors suspicious or illegal access to your critical data and notifies alert without time delay.
  • Don’t Make Me Think (DMMT) Concept: Overview screen shows how many illegal or suspicious access have been made in charts, so you can understand the situation on what is happening to database at a glance.
  • details are shown with only 2clicks (‘Who’, ‘When’, ‘Where’, ‘What’, and ‘How’)


Requirements of Database Activity Monitoring

There are five major requirements for database activity monitoring soulution. PISO meets all the requirements.

  • Monitor independently, audit all database activity including administrator activity, and SELECT transactions. PISO can record all SQL transactions; DML, DDL, and DCL activity.
  • Store activities securely outside of database.
  • Aggregate and correlate activity from multiple heterogeneous DBMSs. PISO can work with multiple DBMSs and normalize transactions from different DBMSs despite there are differences between SQL flavors.
  • Generate alerts on policy violations. PISO does not only record activity, but provides real-time monitoring and rule-based alerting.
  • Enforce separation of duties on database administrators.

Direct SGA Access Technology

zero performance impact, capture SQL in real-time.


Direct SGA Access Technology (DMA) is an innovative logging technology. In general, when many SQL performance information is captured in realtime, it causes performance degradation. Our logging agent with Direct SGA Access Technology will capture SQL information from Oracle SGA area with zero performance impact.

  • Capture SQL directly from Oracle SGA
  • Collect audit logs with full SQL texts
  • Zero performance impacts
  • Supports Oracle 9i to 12c
  • Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to 2014

Audit privilege user access

In order to meet the SOX security requirement or to audit privilege users, you have to collect certain necessary information. By using PISO, it automatically collects logs, creates reports, and monitors user activities. Also, it will automatically maintain log data as well as backup data, to make your operation process more easier.


System Requirements

Monitoring Server (PISO Target)

Operating System
Hewlett-Packard HP-UX
Oracle Solaris
Microsoft Windows Server
Red Hat Linux/Oracle Linux

Microsoft SQL Server
Fujitsu Symfoware

Central Management Server (PISO ISM)

Operating System
Red Hat Linux/Oracle Linux
Microsoft Windows Server

Xeon 3GHz CPU × 2

4GB +

Disk Space
Software Installation: 10GB
Stored Log: 22GB/months/instance